In our previous articles we have helped you figure out how to choose the best narrowboat length, tips on choosing a narrowboat style, a brief guide to hull construction.   In this 5th in the series of buyer’s tips for people looking for a narrowboat for sale in the UK, we discuss heating your boat and generating hot water.

#5 Staying Comfortable On Board: Heating Your Boat and Generating Hot water

When it comes to heating your boat to make your time aboard a comfortable home from home experience, you have three main choices:

a) Solid fuel stove (eg. Squirrel)
b) Gas central heating (eg. Alde)
c) Diesel fired heating (eg. Eberspacher)

The type of heating you have is down to personal preference. Many people prefer the solid fuel stove’s authenticity and dry heat – especially for narrowboat owners who enjoy a more traditional style canal boat. On the negative side for solid fuel is the time spent preparing and lighting the fire and the need for storage for fuel on board.  If burning coal, the smell is another consideration to take into account,most especially if you are moored for long periods near to lots of neighbours!

Gas and diesel central heating systems are a neater solution and are great for day to day use.  A gas or diesel fuelled system will provide almost instant heat and are a neater way of carrying fuel where space might otherwise be at a premium.  Hot water will be provided either from a heating unit, eg. Paloma or from your central heating system.

Another option is to use the engine cooling system to heat the boat’s interior.  A Calorifier enables you to use the excess hot water from the engine cooling system to form a central heating boiler and provide hot water through the taps.  This sort of system is only really suitable for smaller vessels due to limit in supply though. If you have seen a narrowboat for sale and you need advice on the heating and hot water set up, it is usually best to talk it through with the seller or the broker to decipher the pros and cons of the system on board.

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