In our previous articles we have helped you figure out how to choose the best narrowboat length, tips on choosing a narrowboat stylea brief guide to hull construction and heating and water systems on narrowboats.   In this 6th in the series of buyer’s tips for people looking for a narrowboat for sale in the UK, we discuss electrics on narrowboats.


#6 What Are Your Options To The Types Of Electrics On Narrowboats?

Nearly all boats will have a 12 Volt system installed and for some boat owners a 12 volt system on your narrowboat may be sufficient.  However due to the wattage of appliances you might wish to run on board on your narrowboat or canal boat you need to judge if your electric power system can support them.  If 12 volts proves insufficient, you may opt to have a 240 Volt system on board.   With 240 volts you have a number of options, Inverter, Landline or Generator.

a) Landline: A landline connection is simply where you plug in whilst moored at a marina, when an electric supply is provided.  You can then run all electrical devices whilst moored up.

b) Inverter: This is a device that converts your 12 Volt battery supply to a 240 Volt supply for domestic use,  this electricity is then fed into your boat through a transfer switch.  An average price of an on board inverter system could be anywhere in the region of £100 to £4000 and cost is largely dependent on size.  Generally speaking it is best to run light-draw electrical items from an inverter rather than, say an electrical kettle or heater.

c) Generator: Either a petrol, gas or diesel generator will give you a 240 Volt supply. Prices vary considerably with a petrol generator costing in the region of £400-1200, while a diesel one will cost around £1,500 to £4,000.  These types of systems are a reliable means of providing high voltage electric supply in your boat when you are off-grid, though always observe safety common sense when storing fuels on board or refuelling highly volatile fuels such as petrol.

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