Have you ever dreamed of owning your own narrowboat, meandering at three miles an hour down the beautiful English and Welsh canal system? Basking in the glorious feeling of adventure whilst relaxing in a way that was lost over fifty years ago? Traversing through countryside that cannot be reached by car or train.

Do you imagine an alternative lifestyle living on a narrowboat, amongst a community of other boaters where people help and support each other and a true community spirit thrives?

Perhaps you have considered owning your own narrowboat for use at weekends and for holidays.  Narrowboats and cruising the canal systems certainly provide an escape from the day to day stress of life and help you to unwind away from the entire world as you know it.

People think about narrowboat ownership for a myriad of different reasons.  The only constant is that for whatever reason you decide to buy the reality is, it’s even better than you could ever imagine.

Trinity Marina’s Narrowboat Brokerage is a great place to start your narrowboat journey. Why not pop in and speak to the experts? 

Live the dream, your dream, your way.