**Coronavirus update**

We wanted to reassure our moorers and visitors that we remain open for business. We are following all advice given to us by NHS England on hygiene and are carrying out hourly cleans on high risk areas such as door handles and the PDQ machine.
If our moorers should need anything at all, if for instance you need supplies and you are isolating, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01455 896820. We will get a delivery to you.



Trinity Marinas is a premier inland narrowboat sales & brokerage and canal boat marina located in the Heart of England on the beautiful Ashby Canal in Hinckley, Leicestershire within easy reach from the the main M1 motorway, and just off the A5 (Watling Street).  If you are thinking about owning a narrowboat or are interested in canal boat life, then visit us at the marina and find out more.


Beneva was brought into the Marina at 4pm, she sold at 5.30pm”
“Staff are very straight and very honest”
“Get the price you want”

Just some of the reasons from a boater’s perspective as to why you should sell your boat through our narrowboat brokerage.


Trinity Marina boasts over 40 miles of lock free canals for you to explore all year round. Based in close proximity to the M1, M6 and M69 motorways you are in a great location if you’re moored here.

Trinity Marinas hosts a number of moorings on the Linear and a further 94 berths on high quality pontoons suitable for boat lengths from 40ft up to 70ft, inside the marina.  Enquire about moorings now.


Our on site chandlery has everything you need to both maintain and refresh your Narrowboat.  Pop in and have a browse.


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