1 Core Tw Cable 28/0.30 2.0mm2 100m Red


Discover our 1 Core Tw Cable 28/0.30 2.0mm2 100m Red exists in a variety of colours.


The 1 Core Tw Cable 28/0.30 2.0mm2 100m Red’s main specifications are:

• Reduced insulation gives considerable savings in weight & volume
• Good resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils, diluted acids & moisture
• Hard grade PVC insulation offers good resistance to abrasion & cut through
• Suitable for use at temperatures from -40°C to +105°C with excursions up to 120ºC.
• Maximum voltage 60V
• Suitable for 12v or 24v systems (Maximum voltage 60v).
• Manufactured in accordance with ISO 6722-1:2011 (Class B).
• Plain copper conductors to BS EN 60228:2005, PVC insulated.

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