Aquajet Wps5.2 Pump 12v 20lpm 2.8bar/41psi


Aquajet Wps5.2 Pump 12v 20lpm 2.8bar/41psi is a quiet and pulsation free five chamber diaphragm pump from Johnsons Pumps.


Aqua Jet Water Pressure Systems From Johnsons Pumps. The five chamber Aqua Jet WPS-series provides a reliable heart for small boat and recreational vehicle water pressure systems. Compared to conventional three or four-chamber diaphragm pumps, the Aqua Jet demonstrates dramatically lower noise and water pulsation characteristics. It is recommended to install the WPS-pumps with an accumulator tank. Always use a PUMProtector inlet strainer before the pump intake.

The Aquajet Wps5.2 Pump 12v 20lpm 2.8bar/41psi from Johnson Pumps is quiet and pulsation-free even at low speeds, the Aqua Jet five chamber diaphragm pump provides the perfect water pressure or deck wash solution for both small and medium sized leisure and commercial boats. Efficient and compact, Aqua Jet pumps are particularly suitable where low amperage and sound levels in relation to water flow are placed at a premium – such as in shower and galley applications. Operates in fresh or sea water. Self priming.

Pressure cut off: 2.8 bar – 41 psi*
Fuse Size: 10 A
Connection: ¾” hose

*Cut off pressure 2.1 bar/30 psi and 1.4 bar/20 psi available on request

WPS 5.2
Diaphragm Santoprene
Valves EPDM
Body PP
Motor 150W
Weight 2 kg /4.5 lbs
Length 240 mm/9.46″
Width 214 mm/8.42″
Height 110 mm/4.33″

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