Blue Sea 360 Ac C/B Panel Branch 4 Pos


Discover the Blue Sea 360 Ac C/B Panel Branch 4 Pos from Trinity Marinas.


The Blue Sea 360 Ac C/B Panel Branch 4 Pos is an AC Branch circuit Breaker panel.

he AC Branch power system distributes high amperage current from a single cable into lower amperages in multiple wires, and provides circuit protection and switching. It begins at the AC Main circuit, and ends at the AC load or outlet.
• ON-indicating LEDs in all circuit positions
• A-Series circuit breakers
• Circuit identification label set and voltage identification label
• Maximum amperage 100A per bus

The AC Main power system provides a path for delivering power from the ship’s source of AC power to the AC branch distribution system. It begins at the AC power source (shore power, genset, or inverter), and ends at the AC branch circuit. Sources of AC power always have an AC Main circuit breaker near the power source.

AC Main panels include green ON and red REVERSE POLARITY indicating LEDs, A-Series circuit breakers, a circuit identification label set, and voltage identification labels. Maximum panel amperage 50A

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