Calorifier Thermostatic Mixing Valve Kit


Discover the Calorifier Thermostatic Mixing Valve Kit from Trinity Marinas in our Chandlery.


The Calorifier Thermostatic Mixing Valve Kit from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery helps you to save on hot water use as well as protect yourself from hot water burns.

Just install this Thermostatic Mixing Valve, a device that automatically maintains the desired hot water outlet temperature by mixing cold and hot water. Simple to operate providing pressures of hot and cold are virtually identical.

Comprises of:
• Thermostatic mixing valve with 1⁄2″ BSP(F)
• Flexible stainless steel tube MxF (400mm long)
• 1⁄2″ BSP brass “T” fitting
• 1⁄2″ BSP brass nipple
• 1⁄2″ rubber gasket
Temperature range: 30°C – 48°C ± 5°C
Flow rate: 1300 LPH

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