Can Self Priming Waste Pump 12 V


Discover the Can Self Priming Waste Pump 12 V from Trinity Marinas in our Chandlery.


Order the Can Self Priming Waste Pump 12 V from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery.

• Connections: – for 38mm (1½”) bore hose
• Dimensions: – 27.8cm length, 16.1cm width, 13.2cm height
• Fuse Size: – 10amp
• Maximum Current: – 8amps
• Output: – up to 19 litres/minute (4.2 gallons/minute). Max 4m discharge head
• Handles sink, shower and black waste
• 1½” ports for efficient solids handling ability
• Self-priming up to 3m (9.5ft) vertical lift
• Multi-positional ports for easy mounting
• Rated for up to 30 minutes continuous running
• Mechanical parts are protected and shielded for added safety
• Weight: 3.02 Kg

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