Fast Connect Steering Helm- Single Cable


Discover our Fast Connect Steering Helm- Single Cable. Suited for T71FC, T72FC, T73NRFC, T74NRFC Steering Systems.


The T71FC, T72FC, T73NRFC, T74NRFC Steering Systems’ common features are:
• Planetary Gear Design.
• Particularly suitable where clearance is limited.
• All stainless steel cable output ends as per ABYC safety standards.
• Made exclusively in corrosion resistant materials.
• Optional 90° or 20° installation.
• Standard 3/4″ tapered shaft.
• Maximum steering wheel diameter: 406mm (16″).
• Stroke:228mm (9″).
• Minimum steering cable bend radius 200MM (7.9″).
• Maximum operating load at the tiller end:3300N (340kg; 750lbs).
• Should not be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the max horsepower rating of the boat.
• For boats faster than 50mph the twin cable steering system is recommended .
• Exceeds ABYC P17 & EN 28848 safety standards.

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