Lewmar 40mm Dble Control Line Footblock


Discover the Lewmar 40mm Dble Control Line Footblock from Trinity Marinas in our Chandlery.


Order the Lewmar 40mm Dble Control Line Footblock from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery.

Ideal for use with hand-held loads, Lewmar’s Control Blocks feature lightweight, performance load-bearing capacity. MRT (Metal Replacement Technology) and a stainless steel central race and balls provide a weight advantage, while Long Fibre Technology offers exceptional strength and durability. The open design allows sand and salt to be flushed out easily, keeping maintenance simple.

• Lightweight
• Very High Strength
• Impact Resistant
• Reduced Friction
• Easy Maintenance
• Optimised for hand control

Ball bearing blocks are typically used for medium and dynamic loads in:
• Control line applications
• Mainsail sheets for dinghies and keelboats
• Spinnaker sheets, barber haulers
• Genoa sheets
• Dinghy applications

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