Lewmar 72mm Synchro Snap Shackle


Discover the Lewmar 72mm Synchro Snap Shackle from Trinity Marinas in our Chandlery.


Order the Lewmar 72mm Synchro Snap Shackle from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery.

Cruisers love Lewmar Synchro blocks for their strength and ability to adapt to different applications; adding a snap shackle makes them all the more versatile. These snap shackles are designed to replace the existing standard shackle on Synchro blocks and are also compatible with the Lewmar HTX and Control Block lines. Each pin is engineered to mate perfectly with the block’s shackle post to maximize contact and prevent wear. Use the selection table below to identify the correct snap shackle for your blocks. Make your existing blocks even more versatile by swapping out the standard shackle for a Lewmar Synchro snap shackle.

Key Features
• Adds quick-release capabilities to Synchro, HTX and Control blocks
• Pin diameters are engineered for maximum contact with blocks’ shackle post to reduce wear
• 316 stainless steel construction for excellent strength and superior corrosion resistance
• Ring pull releases shackle to move or stow
• Available in several sizes to mate with different Lewmar series blocks
• May be compatible with other blocks; use dimensions in the table below to confirm sizing

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