Ocean Manual Compact 99 Toilet Wooden Seat


Discover the Ocean Manual Compact 99 Toilet Wooden Seat from Trinity Marinas.


The Ocean Manual Compact 99 Toilet Wooden Seat from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery is now available to order online.

This toilet may be supplied in the standard and large bowl versions and is equipped with a new conceiving of manual toilet pump offering the following qualities:

• Thanks to the proper button hole-shaped fixing holes on the base, it is possible to replace the toilet without having to bore new holes (easy substitution with toilets by PAR, RM and many others) to do so.

• All mouldings are made of a kind of plastic material fully resistant against uric acids as well as against the chemical agents contained in the detergents which are normally employed to keep the toilet clean.

• The complete opening from top of the piston allows a quick cleansing without disassembling the toilet from the base.

• The toilet may be mounted both above and below the waterline. The pump is a self-priming one. • The reversible left- handed pump mounting enables to install the toilet indifferently on both sides. • Waste discharge is possible both overboard and into holding tanks on board.

• The toilet is equipped with luxury baked enamel painted wooden seat and cover

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