T93zt Steering Helm Zero Torque Single Cable


Discover our T93zt Steering Helm Zero Torque Single Cable.


The main features and technical specifications of the T93zt Steering Helm Zero Torque Single Cable are:
• Planetary Gear design
• Specifically designed for high performance and high efficiency applications.
• M90 mach cable (patented) performance and durability increased by top quality materials and construction.
• Fast connect, simple installation, patented end fitting.
• Engine side stainless steel cable output featuring patented gasket.
• Corrosion resistant materials.
• Particularly suitable where clearance is limited.
• Optional 90° or 20° Helm mounting installation.
• Standard 3/4″ tapered shaft.
• Lock-to-lock steering wheel turns; approx 4.2
• Maximum allowable steering wheel diameter: 406mm (16″).
• Minnimum steering cable bend radius 200mm (7.9″).
• Minimal feedback.
• T93ZT steering system is not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower ratingo of the boat.
• For boats faster than 50 mph our hydraulic steering systems are recommended.
• Exceeds EN28848 & ABYC P17 safety standards.

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