Whale Replacement (Fixed Handle) Gusher Urchin


Discover the Whale Replacement (Fixed Handle) Gusher Urchin from Trinity Marinas’ Chandlery.


The Whale Replacement (Fixed Handle) Gusher Urchin is a Whale product available from trinity Marinas’ chandlery.

Manufactured by hand using high grade materials and drawing on more than 60 years experience.
• Easy of operation – Smooth easy action
• Easy maintenance – Clamp ring easily removed for pump head rotation and quick maintenance
• Versatility of design – Dual size nozzles for 25 mm (1”) or 38 mm (1½”) hose to suit your plumbing
• Efficient performance – up to 55 ltrs (14.5 US gals) per minute
• Three different mounting models (deck, bulkhead and thru deck models)

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