Experienced boaters reading this may already be prepared, but for the few who are new to the narrow boat life, you may be interested to learn that during the winter is the prime time for locks to undergo repairs and other works.

This means that throughout the colder months many locks will be closed for a variety of periods, which means that cruising activity will be reduced. If you choose to moor in an area surrounded by locks, you will be very much restricted with your movement on the canals, however for those of you that have chosen to moor with us at Trinity Marina you will not experience too much of an issue. We are based on the Ashby canal, which provides you with an astounding 22 miles (35km) of unlocked cruising.

For those of you that do not plan to be moored with us, we have provided a full list of winter closures* for the East Midlands and surrounding areas, in date order:

07/11/2016 – 14/11/2016
Bridge 34 , Branston Road Bridge (Towpath is also closed)
Construction of a new bridge which is part of the Branston Lock development near
Burton on Trent.

07/11/2016 – 16/12/2016
Lock 39, Aylestone Mill Lock
Replacing the top and bottom gates. Brickwork repairs in the lock chamber.

05/12/2016 – 20/01/2017
Bridge 42A , Railway (Towpath is also closed)
Replacing a 4 lane railway bridge.

04/01/2017 – 26/02/2017
Lock 17, Junction Lock (Towpath is also closed)
Gate leakage repairs, Brick and masonry repairs in and around the lock chamber.

09/01/2017 – 20/01/2017
Lock 18, Kibworth Top Lock
Lock 19, Gas Pipe Lock
To refit the top gates at Kibworth Top Lock, and to repair the lock chamber at Gas Pipe Lock.

09/01/2017 – 19/02/2017
Lock 5, Swarkestone Lock (Towpath is also closed)
Gate and paddles repair.

09/01/2017 – 26/02/2017
Lock 2, Sharlow Lock
Lock 3, Aston Lock (Towpath is also closed)

16/01/2017 – 24/02/2017
Park Farm Culvert (Towpath is also closed)
Reconstruction of the culvert across the canal line.

23/01/2017 – 10/03/2017
Locks 12 & 13, Glascote Top and Bottom Locks (Towpath is also closed)
Lock leakage repairs on Lock 12. Replacement of top and bottom gates at Lock 13 aswell as brickwork repairs to the lock chamber.

23/01/2017 – 03/02/2017
Lock 22, Cranes Lock
To refit the top gates.

30/01/2017 – 10/02/2017
Minworth Embankment (Towpath is also closed)
To carry out investigation works in preparation for future repairs.
06/02/2017 – 17/02/2017
Lock 27, Turnover Lock
To refit the top and bottom lock gates.

13/02/2017 – 17/02/2017
Lock 3, Coventry Canal
Gate reline works, Silt removal and fence installation.

20/02/2017 – 03/03/2017
Lock 28, Tythorne Lock
Replacement of the bottom gates.

Remember to take these closures into consideration these coming months and plan your journeys accordingly.

*The winter closure information was taken from the Canal and River Trusts website www.canalrivertrust.org.uk.